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Social Media is big business, 75% of Americans use Social Media, but everyone does not have a passion for it. Additionally, not everyone realizes that over 90% of the world is on Social Media platforms daily, & even hourly.

Unity In Service, Inc. goes where the customers already spend time and that is on “Social Media.” We can help with everything from content to strategy and everything in between.

We save time for independent business owners so let Unity In Service, Inc. give you a hand. We can do it for you!

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My Passion for Social Media

I retired after 29 years of service in Law Enforcement as a Correctional Lieutenant. My job was overseeing at least 100 staff assigned to my shift and thousands of inmates. Management of people and procedures seemed to come naturally.

I remember when a new departmental policy said, “All staff must check their emails daily.” Well being the overachiever that I am, I wanted the staff who were assigned to my shift to be at the top of their game as it relates to being aware of the information which was passed down through the chain of command through email. 

So to make sure that staff adapted to the new procedure, I would constantly ask staff when I would make my rounds, see them at lunch, etc, “Did you check your email?” I would ask that so much that a nickname was developed for me by the staff.

I learned later that the staff called me “Auntie” and so did the inmates who heard them call me by that nickname. An employee informed me at my retirement celebration. He said that the staff used to go around saying, “Auntie said you better check your email.” Amazing what goes on behind the scenes of a good leader!

Yes, I learned that they made jokes about me. Ironically, my staff was well versed in new information passed down from upper management.

Yes, those were some good years, and it was in the workplace I developed a passion for social media and technology. The world was changing, and I knew it would only continue evolving, so l became familiar with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I developed a passion for social media. Unity In Service, Inc. enjoys a

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